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Po Monkeys Lounge in the Mississippi Delta near Merigold MS

Po' Monkey's Lounge Merigold, Mississippi

One of the oldest remaining juke joints in the Mississippi Delta is Po Monkey's Lounge near Merigold, Mississippi. It is an iconic stop on the Mississippi Blues Trail. Po Monkey's has been owned and operated by Willie "Po Monkey" Seaberry for over 55 years and is only open on Thursday night. Mr. Seaberry says that Thursday night is "family night" and he wants to keep it safe for everyone. Beer is served to those of legal age and you can bring in your own liquor. A DJ spins the music each night it is open and on special occasions live blues music can be heard booming from within. The old converted sharecropper shack with its proudly waving American flag under a beautiful blue sky with a wish of clouds sits at the edge of a cotton field. There are tons of stuffed monkeys hanging from the ceiling, a testament of those that visit the place. Even the signs hanging on the front tell a story.