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old bovina railroad trestle crossing the big black river with painted confederate flag

Confederate Rainbow at Bovina

In rural Warren County, Mississippi the Big Black River winds it way through the hills of the local countryside. It passes under the old arch bridge near Bovina, Mississippi as it makes it way through the lowland at sunset.

This particular day a rainbow filled the sky and mimicked the arch of the bridge after a rain storm had just passed through. As as happened many times before as evidenced by the high water marks on the arches of the bridge, the rain didn't cause the river to swell which has been known to flood.

A long time fixture of this railroad trestle is the confederate flag that is painted on the inside of one of the arches. The setting sun seems to highlight that particular area of the old trestle. I've often wondered what brave soul climbed up to that spot to paint the flag. Just like in the days of Noah, the rainbow seems to be saying that everything is going to be ok as the fading light of the afternoon is focused on the flag.